Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013.  We've survived New Year's parties, and the fiscal cliff.  We have inaugurated the President and have the Super Bowl match ups that some are calling the Brother's Bowl.  What a start to the year! 
Now we can focus on accomplishing our goals for 2013.  I hope we are part of your plans for this year.


Automotive Concierge 

Over the holidays, I met a lot of new people at parties and the such.  Let me recount one such conversation for you.
NEW PERSON: "What do you do?" 
ME:                       "I'm an automotive concierge."
NEW PERSON:  "Oh, I see."
ME:                        "You do?"
NEW PERSON:   (Pause)  "No, I guess I don't."
So I concluded that what I do is somewhat of a mystery.  No, I'm not James Bond, but
my profession is new to many people.  Most people do link the term concierge to a higher level of personal service, most have never heard it attached to cars.  All of us at So Cal Performance do provide a personalized experience to our clients.  They let us know what they want in their next car and we locate, negotiate and transport that vehicle to them.  We provide delivery at our client's discretion; not the dealers choice.  Our clients don't set foot inside a typical dealer's store.  Whether new or used, car, truck, SUV, collector car, or commuter car, we can take the burden of shopping for that next car off your plate.  Oh, and we will save you thousands in the process. 
We believe it's an antiquated system to go to a dealer's store, sit in a little cubicle or office an have someone ask if they can sell you the car for your price you've offered.  Like your asking the Great OZ to grant your request.  Really?  time to make this a painless process.  That's why So Cal Performance was formed.

Car Of The Month

Here is one our newest additions to our small inventory of cars.  This is a 2012 Honda Civic LX.  4 door convenience.  Only 4000 miles.  1 owner car, clean Carfax report. Finished in silver with gray interior.  Well equipped with AM/FM/CD player, economical 4 cylinder engine mated to a 5 speed automatic transmission.  EPA freeway is 39 MPG.  A very comfortable, roomy car.  Has the space of the previous Honda Accord with better mileage.  Has an ECON setting which improves you mileage.

Happy Motoring!
Phil Bell
So Cal Performance

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