It's summertime across this great country and thoughts turn to grilling outside, hanging with friends and family.  It's also a time to think of the great drives we've taken.  In the back of a station wagon perhaps? OK, so those weren't that great.  College trip with friends after school got out?  Taking a drive along this gorgeous coast line? We can't think of a better way to experience all of this than in a convertible!


This month we look at some of the great convertibles, both old and new.  Join us!




Happy Motoring!


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This is the image that comes to mind when we think of convertibles.  

A beautiful stretch of 2 lane highway and cruising with the top down and great tunes coming over the speakers.  No appointments, no 

e-mails to respond to or status updates to check... just driving.  Enjoying the scents you don't normally smell inside a hard top.  "Hey, someone just mowed their lawn!"  "The ocean smells so good this afternoon." Soak up that Vitamin D!  


What choices are there for convertibles out there, besides this gorgeous Bentley?  Let's take a look.



A classic choice, the 1969 Camaro.  American iron.  Always a head turner.  Air Conditioning?  Sure, keep the top down, plenty of air blowing in!  Starting to rain?  Pull over and put up the top.  Remember this old-school Camaro doesn't have the modern conveniences. 


Shelby convt 


Want modern?  How about a new Mustang?  Still American iron. You can get 640 horsepower in a Mustang from the factory!  With all of the modern conveniences.

Feeling European?  Hard to argue that BMW makes of the best convertibles out there. 3 Series and 6 Series, these are great cruisers.  The 3 Series has a "hard top convertible"  where the hardtop turns into an Origami object that folds into the trunk.  

Want more sports than cruiser?  Step into a Porsche, either 911 Carrera or Boxster.  Mercedes makes the luxury end of the spectrum with E, SL or SLS.  4 hours in any of these cars and you'll think you've been gone about 1/2 hour.  So entertaining!  



Want cargo room and still a convertible?  Chevy built the SSR a convertible truck.  Best of both worlds? You decide.  

Murano convt 


SUV Convertible?  You bet!  Nissan Murano is an convertible SUV.  Really, can't make this stuff up; we're professionals!

There are so many choices for you to have a great "top-down" experience.  Contact your So Cal Performance consultant so they can help you get that "wind-in-your-hair" feeling today!



67 Vette


This is one of our favorite convertibles at the company.  Sun comes out, and someone is cruising- Uh... I mean picking up supplies! In this beautiful car.  1967 Corvette re-done by the pros at Best of Show.  Besides complete restoration of the body, it has modern suspension, 383 cu in stroker motor with long-tube headers.  Hooked up to Tremec 5 speed manual transmission.  Wildwood big brakes all around.  Has both tops, hard and soft, and in place of the radio is a custom spot for your iPod.  Offered at $89,000. Appraised for $140,000, this is a great deal!

June 2013

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