How we do it.

​     Our unique philosophy . . . We are auto enthusiasts who are frankly embarrassed by typical car dealer tactics and up-sell antics. The process shouldn't take so long, and you shouldn't ride an emotional roller coaster just to get the vehicle you want. No one should be pushed into buying a car you really didn't want or you couldn't afford.

     Because So Cal Performance was created to keep costs down and fees small, YOU WIN! We don't maintain an expensive "car lot" or employ a full-time receptionist. These savings mean much better deals for you. Our history of satisfied clients proves that once you have bought a vehicle the So Cal Performance way, you'll be telling family and friends about the experience. That's why we are successful.

     How we work . . . Once you've decided what vehicle you want, put us to work! Complete our "Let's Get Started" online request form. We go to work, searching the marketplace nationwide to find exactly what you want. We have access to every dealer auction in the United States. We also have an extensive network of new car dealers. Because we are constantly purchasing vehicles for clients, we have both the direct contacts and experience needed to negotiate the best price for the vehicle of your dreams. We cut through all the other stuff and avoid layers of profit. We charge a small fee for our services which is disclosed when we quote you a price. We can get you "the right ride at the right price!"

     Most individuals buy a car every 3 to 5 years. Dealers are constantly selling cars to people who are uninformed and ill-prepared to handle the negotiation process. Because we are professionals and constantly buying cars, we invariably can get the best price. Using the internet, anyone can find auto retail prices and trade in values, but they can't learn the actual cost of a car (whether new or pre-owned). We can. We have access to the information and we leverage it in behalf of our clients.